Ice Block Making Machine – Fast Ice Block Production

Good day everyone. Some people have being making research on this topic. Chemical that is added to water to make it block faster for ice block business . I have also had people saying that the block melts very fast ( That is liars). Ice block business is a lucrative one if you have good... Read more


Ladies, You may feel the world is shifting but some things are still largely constant. No man wants an unruly wife. There is an order to the home and getting married means agreeing to that order. But then, in the name of being woke and 'strong' many women go into marriage rude and out of... Read more

How Navigation Works

Good Day Everyone. Am Mr. Bright and i will be using this opportunity to explain to you guys how platform and how the Navigation tabs works. List Of Current Tabs:- 1. Home 2. Membership 3. Commerce a. Earn per click b. Earn per video view c. Earn per blog post i. Submit blog content... Read more


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