Fancy long gown Ankara for ladies

Hello fashionistas we got some beautiful long Ankara styles that will make you to rush to a fashion designer to order for yours. These styles are super beautiful and stylish which are trending in Africa. Check out the pictures

Ice Block Making Machine – Fast Ice Block Production

Good day everyone. Some people have being making research on this topic. Chemical that is added to water to make it block faster for ice block business . I have also had people saying that the block melts very fast ( That is liars). Ice block business is a lucrative one if you have good... Read more

10 Most Commonly Counterfeited Products in Nigeria

Africa remains the continent most affected by counterfeits and with Nigeria being it’s most populous country, it’s little wonder the nation is facing an “epidemic” of fake products. From well-known places of commerce like the Yaba and Lagos Island markets in Lagos to the famous Aba market in Abia state and even on e-commerce platforms,... Read more

New study shows people with big thighs more likely to live longer

- A new scientific study published in BMJ has revealed that pot-bellied people have a high risk of losing their lives - The study looked at the results of 72 other thorough findings involving over two million participants before it came to that conclusion - It is all good news for those with big hips... Read more


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