HISTORICAL: Oxford University Student Discovers Fastest Way To Lose Weight – 12.5kg In 1 Month!

(Sydney) - Amanda Haughman, a student at Oxford University, was able to lose 12.5 kg (mostly belly fat) in 1 month without ever using a cent of her own money. Amanda is studying nutrition sciences at Oxford University, and for a required research project Amanda thought it would be perfect to use university funds to... Read more

Biden ‘falsely posing as winner’, says defiant Trump

Biden ‘falsely posing as winner’, says defiant Trump   Agency Reporter US President Donald Trump has decided not to concede the 2020 US presidential elections to Democrat challenger Joe Biden. Media outlets have called the presidential election in favour of Joe Biden and his vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris with the Democratic ticket scoring a... Read more

Upcoming Xmas Give Away Bonuses

Moshoto Media Network will offering Christmas cash bonus to all participating members on the platform. The bonuses will be paid directly to users bank account on December and this is made for users who are participating on daily post, blog, comments and sharing of sponsored post. Don't be left behind!!! Login from today and start... Read more

More Contest, More Higher Give Away

Participating on the Moshoto Photo Contest V 1. is a number one qualification requirements to qualify for the upcoming moshoto contests. Moshoto Media Network will be offering more contest in the feature and those that participated on this current contest will be qualified to compete on the next coming contests. More contest such as Music... Read more


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