New study shows people with big thighs more likely to live longer

- A new scientific study published in BMJ has revealed that pot-bellied people have a high risk of losing their lives - The study looked at the results of 72 other thorough findings involving over two million participants before it came to that conclusion - It is all good news for those with big hips... Read more

Superfoods are Hiding in Your Fridge

The easiest and most straightforward way of giving yourself energy, preserving your body and losing weight is probably available at your neighborhood food store, or it might even be buried in your kitchen. Don't be alarmed, be excited. Source: Superfoods have long been the highlight of any discussion about health or healthy food. Many... Read more

How to Create a Wallet on TRON’s Explorer

To take part in the voting process of the TRON Super Representative Elections, and register for Super Representative Candidacy, you must first create a wallet on TRON’s Explorer. Step 1: Go to to create your free TRON wallet. Step 2: Once you have arrived to the site, click on the “Open Wallet” tab in... Read more


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