Massage to cha cha

Dear Sister Cha Cha, You are Black not White. And for God sake, this is Africa, and not America, Asia or Europe. It is quite unfortunate that we do not know the real situation in your home. He who wears shoe knows where it pinches. However, if you had a real African parent as a... Read more

FUEL HIKE: Court stops NLC, TUC planned rally

Justice Ibrahim Galadima of the National Industrial Court, in Abuja, on Thursday, restrained the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC) from going ahead with their planned nationwide protest on September 28. The judge gave the order while ruling on an ex-parte application filed by a group, Peace and Unity Ambassadors Association. The... Read more

VISA BAN: ‘We determine who visits our country,’ British govt replies FG

The British government on Thursday expressed surprise at its Nigerian counterpart’s reaction to the recent move to bring sanity into the country electoral process. The United Kingdom had last week threatened to impose a visa ban and asset seizure on perpetrators of election fraud in the Edo and Ondo States governorship elections. But the Federal Government had... Read more

10 Weird Phobias That Actually Exist

10 Weird Phobias That Actually Exist Discover 10 weird phobias that actually exist. You`ll be shocked when you see what some unfortunate people suffer from. So lets kick of our list of 10 weird phobias that actually exist. 1. Ablutophobia – Fear Of Washing Ablutophobia is the bizarre fear of washing. It tends to be... Read more

8 Relationship Rules That Can Totally Be Broken

8 Relationship Rules That Can Totally Be Broken Don't let these old-school rules keep you up at night.   Society loves placing constraints-guidelines and expectations-on us both as individuals and when we're part of a couple. But, the fact is, many of these so-called relationship rules are old-school and just don't fairly apply to the... Read more


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