Buhari Is The Problem, Get Him Out – Aisha Yesufu Replies After Senate Calls For Removal Of Service Chiefs


Abdulraheem Ahmad


Buhari Is The Problem, Get Him Out – Aisha Yesufu Replies After Senate Calls For Removal Of Service Chief
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Anti – SARS activist Aisha Yesufu criticizes President Muhammadu Buhari after

The Nigerian Senate has called for the removal of security chiefs and their replacement.

Aisha Yesufu has made it clear that President Muhammadu Buhari is Nigeria’s problem and not the security forces.

Aisha called on Nigerian senators to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari instead of impeachment of security chiefs.

Aisha Yesufu made the announcement on her Twitter account after Channels TV reported that senators had called on President Buhari to remove the security chiefs because they had failed.

According to her: “Buhari is the problem. Get him out”

Shortly after writing, a Twitter user responded to Aisha Yesufu’s remarks.

A Twitter user said the problem was not with the security forces, it was with the person who did not see the need to pass them and the problem was not with President Buhari.

Twitter User added that it was the people who needed President Buhari despite the fact that his actions were seen as the problem.

“But the reality at the time was that, whether it was Boko Haram or not, blood would be more than water, ” he said.

According to him; “D problem is not d Service Chiefs. It is d man wu doesn’t see deir nid 2go. And d problem is not d man himself. It is d ppl wu nids him regardless of wat he does. Now dey panic in deir own abode. But d fact is dat with him, Boko Haram or not, there will b more blood than water. ”

Mrs Yesufu said Nigerian senators know how to do it as long as they are serious, but the most important thing is to remove President Buhari.

“Buhari is the main problem and not the security chiefs. Buhari is the one who should go home before the security officers, ” said Aisha Yesufu.

According to her saying; “Again, @NGRSenate has called on the service chiefs to be sacked. If they are serious they know what to do.

But more importantly, the main problem is @MBuhari not the service chiefs, the first who should go home!

Watch my take @ARISEtv Interview yesterday. ”

After that, Aisha Yesufu refocused her attention on the attack on BBOG members by the Nigerian Police.

Mrs Yesufu said before we get angry until it comes to those who do not want to see riots and need to stop, we have no protection from what will happen to us, injustice to one person is like injustice to each of us.

“Many applauded when the Nigerian police attacked members of Bring Back Our Girls, ” said Aisha.

According to Yesufu: ” Until we are outraged when it happens to those we do not like and ensure it is stopped, we are not safe from it happening to us.

Injustice to one is injustice to all.

Many applauded when @PoliceNG attacked @BBOG_Nigeria members. ”

Watch the ARISEtv Interview released by Aisha Yesufu.”

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