So Touching”- see what Eto’o did to the man who hit his vehicle days ago



Days back, Samuel Eto’o had an accident. Where a car ran into him. But thank God he came out uninjured. However, the motorist who ran into him, ran away upon seeing the damages caused.The two times champion league winner and multiple times Africa best player was rescued and taken to the hospital for check up. To ensure there isn’t any internal damages to his body since there was none externally. And the incident was reported to the cameronia police authority.Days after, the motorist was apprehended. Despite the accident being the fault of the motorist, Samuel Eto’o went to visit the motorist, sat on the prison floor with him. Comforted him and gave assurances of getting him a new car. Dropped the charges against him and withdraw the case. So he could be set free. What a gesture. Good people still exist.

About the author: Franklin Jahrock
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@peepso_user_109(Aminat Ayinla) He acted Godly,may Almighty bless his
5 months ago 5 months ago

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