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Some people have being making research on this topic.

Chemical that is added to water to make it block faster for ice block business .

I have also had people saying that the block melts very fast ( That is liars).

Ice block business is a lucrative one if you have good power supply, customers and also produce in quantity and fast.

I have being in this business for two years now and I can tell you. The business worth whatever you spend to get it started.

If you stay around Rivers State, Bayelsa, Imo state and delta state, We can produce locally made ice block machine for you depending on your capital.

I will be disclosing some secrites which so many ice block business individuals don’t know and those who know it will never share it with you.

Ice block frezzing chemical is something so many people have had from someone either online, from friends or business partners but they will never call the name for you. Because is a secrity for there business and they will inturn discourage you by telling you that the block will melt faster and mean why they are using it.

Also I will not disclose it for free.
This is only made for those in the iceblock making business .

Today, I just decide to open it to those who are willing to spend money to get there business going and flourish.

If you like, call it or tag it what ever you want. This ideal is not for free and only for those who will pay for it will get it.

I will disclose the name
Where to get it ( is in every market but you don’t know it)
How to mixt it and get a good and fast result.

This disclosing business idea worth more than N50k.

I have had people promising to pay any amount to get this idea but no way. Because those that know it will not like to disclose it to avoid spoiling there business expectually those in the same business location.

Today am going it out for N5k only.
Just WhatsApp me and ask for the ice block chemical business ideal.

I will request for your email only.
Then after you complete your payment of N5,000. Then you get the idea details on your mail. WhatsApp +234 808 897 0328

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