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Not a single one of our musicians or comedians was made outside this country. Not a single one that is considered a success was made nor became successful in the other country whose citizenship they hold. Not a single one of them. They were all made by Nigeria. Majority of them was made by Lagos. None of them can brag that UK or US made them. Those who hold dual citizenships or residencies had to escape from ‘saner’ climes in order to make a living and name in Nigeria. Most especially in Lagos. The ‘shithole’ Nigeria made them when their ‘saner’ climes couldn’t.


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The companies that sponsor their shows and sign them up as ambassadors nko? Nigerian companies. Where are they able to sell tickets of N1m and N5m for their shows? Nigeria. Even when they do shows outside the country, who are those that pack their venues?

Nigeria gave them names, gave them means of livelihoods, but they tell many unthinking and undiscerning children that the country is hopeless, dead and shithole. These children cannot ask them the simple question “bros, sis why you not make am for UK or US wey you be citizen or live before?”. Some of these guys even schooled there but had to come to Nigeria, especially Lagos, to make both a living and name.

If you like let them help you burn down your Lagos or country that made them a living and famous.

If you stopped crying and throwing tantrums like children, your head will be clear enough to think. Until then, no pacifier for you.

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@peepso_user_59(Folakemi Folakemi) Those are lazy Nigerian youth that buahri is referring to.
@peepso_user_109(Aminat Ayinla) Na true you talk
6 months ago 6 months ago

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