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U.S.A government sent her special Navy seal team 6 to rescue just one American from Kidnappers in Niger.

Philipe Nathan Walton, 27 was abducted in Niger on Monday 26th October and gunmen demanded a ransom from his relatives.He was taken from his farm, where he lives with his wife and daughter, in Massalata in southern Niger at 1.45am.

Today Saturday 31st October 2020 just 5 days later,Walton was rescued by the elite Navy Seal Team Six “during a high-risk US military raid in neighbouring Nigeria where the kidnappers ran to.The Seal team carried out the rescue mission and killed all but one of the captors.
The operation involved the United States, Niger, and Nigeria governments.

President Donald Trump proudly twister and said “Last night, our Country’s brave warriors rescued an American hostage in Nigeria.Our Nation salutes the courageous soldiers behind the daring nighttime rescue operation and celebrates the safe return of yet another American.

My questions are
1) When will just one life matters to the goverment of my nation to go all out and send the military just to rescue one person ?

2) For President Trump to tweet this daring exercise it means he was fully involved.When will my own President be concern with individual Nigerians under captivity and oppression right before our eyes?

3) Why is Leah Sharibu still in captivity?

4) if America rescue one adult man in 5 days,how long will it take my nation to rescue a teenage girl captured 6 years ago? ,

5) How come America came to my country to demolish a kidnapping syndicate and our own security structure cannot do so for uncountable people in kidnappers den?

6) Are the American Navy seal Spirits or Superhuman, to be able to know where the kidnappers are hiding and deal ruthlesslly with them in just 5 days

7) Donald Trump is seriously in the mood of the America election coming soon yet he has time to attend to the safety of just one American farmer living abroad.When will my. own political leaders stop playing politics with life’s of the masses?

Please I need answers.
Someone answer please
For Nigeria sake I will not be silent for this nations sake I will not stop praying.

– Bishop Samuel Alawode.

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