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Of Obama, Jonathan and Buhari: Blaming The Wrong Man


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Few fought harder than me for Goodluck Jonathan. Reuben Idumam Temerigha Elvis ‘Desage’ Osung Hilda Avwenagha Viola Ifeyinwa Okolie and many others would brong personal
moneys, Reuben bringing 2k dollars just for our group to run to counter APC organized media machinery. Tchidi Chiemeziem and I talked daily strategizing. Chidi Cali dedicating his magazine for pro Jonathan propaganda. Michael Ose George-Ukhuegbe, Soji etc etc, I will not leave out Awazie. or Toyosi. we tried to fight Tinubu’s media machinery. But how do you fight and win when Obasanjo writes a letter and the central bank governor says 50 billion dollars, two years budget equivalent, is missing?

Nigerians continue to blame Obama for Buhari’s ascension to power. These people will stomach whatever Trump does, wven if he “grabs the P. of their wives” as long as it is not Obama or the Democratic party. And this is one of the problems of Africa, where we blame other factors but never take responsibility.

Let us check the timelines.

America and their CIA comes with the “prophesy” that Nigeria would break up through war in 2015. It was based on Jonathan retaining power, the North going on killing rampage of southerners in the North, revenge killings by Southerners, especially in the South East as many listen to a then fast-rising Nnamdi Kanu and anarchy leading to the worst refugee situation in history. The only solution? Give power to the North. The south ate born followers and war will be averted. You can google to see the American prediction of Nigeria’s break up in 2015.

Then there are people America listen to; Wole Soyinka, Obasanjo, Jubril Aminu, Shehu Garba etc. All these people accused Jonathan of gargantuan corruption. Obasanjo said Jonathan had SNIPERS ready to kill him. That he is number 7 on their killer list. The impression of Jonathan in the world was THIEF and DICTATOR.

And then there was OCCUPY where politicians and the streets and pastors fought against Subsidy removal. Same people that said Subsidy Payments were the greatest means of fraud, suddenly were blocking measures to prevent them. Coffins of Goodluck Jonathan and goats as his effigy were carried by intelligentia and the streets. America saw all this

And then, a country that sends 6 people to rescue one of their citizens hears that 300 plus girls were kidnapped in Chibok. The Northern governors of BOTH PARTIES were called to America as these things were happening in their region. The stories of bombing was daily. GOVERNORS OF BOTH PARTIES SAID IF JONATHAN LEAVES, THERE WILL BE PEACE. PDP chairman and all the Northern governors, many from
PDP, all said the problem was Jonathan Goodluck. In fact Muazu and all of the PDP people paid people to vote Buhari. They were united against their own party man. The 300 girls will be found once Jonathan is removed, they told Obama through Kerry

And Goodluck Jonathan tried to reach out to Yorubas. And the very people he trusted, they gathered Yoruba Kings to pray for Jonathan and these Kings raised sticks and spoke Yoruba and performed a ritual that was actually a curse. My Ypruba friend here in America rushed to tell me that what did Jonathan do to Yorubas? That he is being cursed by the Kings. America

Only the Igbos Stood with Jonathan.

Even Silva Timipriye and many Ijaws were supporting Buhari.

Lest I forget, Nigeri’s elite had informed the World Courts and the Western Media that Goodluck Jonathan and his Igbo Ihejirika were killing Northerners for no reason. And Obama and America placed a ban on armed sales to Nigeria TO SAVE THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA FROM THE MONSTER CALLED JONATHAN AND HIS SNIPERS.

And Obama had his campaign manager coordinate the APC campaign. Axlerod gave them the word CHANGE! #BringBackOurGirls was a cry by all and sundry. Ngozi Okonjo-Iwealla and Deziani and all were big thieves that had to be removed

So America and Obama joined PDP and APC and OCCUPY etc to return power to the North and remove the EVIL KILLER who pays SNIPERS to kill Obasanjo (no elite died under Jonathan reign in suspicious circumstances unlike Obasanjo era that saw deaths of Harriman, Bola Ige etc)

Plus, in a world that was decriminalizing homosexuality, Goodluck allowed his congress pass 14 years jail term. That is, Jonathan made it worse, not better for gays. Not that America and Obama is saying let men marry in Nigeria. All they see is that if a female doctor kisses a female nurse, they will both be imprisoned for 14 years. There was no saving Jonathan now.

But what did Obama really do that Nigerian Yoruba Kings, Occupy, PDP and their party Chairman and their elites and Senate and Etc did not approve?

PDP politicians and APC politicians Kwankwaso et el all joined to sweep Jonathan’s foot from Kano like he was a leper.

Tambuwal, speaker of the house delivered the house to the opposition from PDP.

Atiku, Dino, etc etc

Only Fayose seemed to be genuinely for Jonathan. Or maybe Fani Kayode too. But Fani Kayode had once said the worst things about Jonathan as well

Thing is, Nigerians forget the amount of things done to remove Jonathan… the betrayal by his own party etc. PDP chairman committed political Kamikaze. He was to take over from Jonathan. It was easy for him… handsome, rich educated. He destroyed his own party and ambition just to remove Jonathan

But conveniently, we blame Obama. What did we expect him to do if we were in his shoes given the above?

Africa… the black man must learn to take responsibility for his actions. Obama did not come to vote, nkr did he do anything the powers that be in Nigeria did not aak him to do.

Would you rather have had war in Nigeria to keep an unpopular Jonathan in power or let 180 people find a way to continue to SUFFER IN PEACE and not disturn the world with a refugee situation?

I will always love my stand in support of Jonathan all through and I thank those who stood with me then. But I cannot keep blaming Obama for things adults did to themselves.

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