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It is a shame that FCT youths have chosen to become PRO-SARS despite all that’s happening.

The road block is a way of making the government listen to us yet some of you have chosen the path of greed and callousness.

How much dem dey pay una?

Are you blind to the killings done by SARS?

Chijoke’s father was made to pay 3 million naira for the release of his son,

After the money was collected they made him swim through a river with corpse looking for the body of his son.

Is this what we should be supporting?

Tony was killed at Kubwa by hired thugs.

We are fighting for a new Nigeria but you all are doing everything to bring our works to not and you think posterity will forgive you?

What stories would you tell your kids?

That you fought against them having a functional society and stood against those working hard to stop dysfunctionality?

How do most of you sleep?

Do you know how many people that have died from police brutality?


Promising young men and women!

I am on my knees right now

And I pray that you all reap what you’re sowing.

Gaskiya, una dey fall hands.

I’m disgusted!!

I’m angry,man!

This is bullshit!!!!!

This is embarrassing

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@peepso_user_111(Linda Zannaffe Omoluabi) This is why things hardly work in this country.
6 months ago 6 months ago

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