People against brutality of police


Alabi abdulmumeen Olayinka


Reactions As People Get Brutalised In Protest Against Police Brutality


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The protest against police brutality has taken a new turn as protesters have taken to social media to complain of being brutalised by police officials.

The protest demanding an end to notorious police unit Federal Special Anti Robbery Squad(FSARS) has been going on for some days now, though an announcement has been made stating that FSARS has been dissolved, the people are still going through violence and brutality from the police force.

On Monday, many have posted images and videos of protesters being beaten and shot at by men of the police force during protests in some states in the country

Below are some of the reactions on the people on social media in relations to the treatment meted out on them by some police officials:

The only offence the protesters have committed is coming out to speak in one voice against the police brutality. Why is it so hard for @PoliceNG @MBuhari to do the needful, is it until every youth drop dead due to stray bullet? #SURULEREPROTEST #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria

— Kemisola (@Kiddiekhemz) October 12, 2020

— Adeola (@Wealth1dd) October 12, 2020

Let the whole world know that @PoliceNG has declared war on Nigeria citizens. #SARSMUSTEND #SURULEREPROTEST

— #ENDSARS 🌴Your Destiny Helper®🕊🌴 (@AyanfeOfGod) October 12, 2020

What happened to the use of rubber bullets if at all these animals hand are scratching them to shoot? We don’t have them here? Why should a bullet be shot at people when it isn’t a crossfire? Why? They don’t know what a bullet do? What a shitty nation! #EndSARS #SURULEREPROTEST

— Name cannot be blank (@iamsirhid) October 12, 2020

The police shootings in Lagos this afternoon (at least one person reported dead) are tragic and condemnable. There is no excuse for shooting anything (not to talk of live bullets) at peaceful protesters. The Police MUST find the shooters and make them face justice in full.

— tolu ogunlesi (@toluogunlesi) October 12, 2020

Imagine Sanwo Olu didn’t go & meet the protesters at Ikeja or at Surelere where the shooting is happening. Went all the way to lekki toll gate bcos deliver money no sure for them today & tomorrow self. No turning back soon. #SARSMUSTEND #SARSMUSTENDNOW #SURULEREPROTEST

— mojidollen💧💧💧💧💧 (@OlawoyeIbukuno1) October 12, 2020

Dear officers of @PoliceNG Please know that there’s ABSOLUTELY NO HONOUR in obeying orders that are at the expense of the lives of the people that you’re meant to be protecting. #SARSMUSTEND #SURULEREPROTEST #SarsMustGo #5for5 #Lekki #EndPoliceBrutality #signthepetition

— dobi🔺 (@dobi36) October 12, 2020

— Kayux (@kayux08) October 12, 2020

Police officer mistakenly shot his colleague then they turned on protesters and started shooting 💔💔

— Yeightylicious (@Yetty4Real) October 12, 2020

— Laolao (@itz_laolao) October 12, 2020

— #SARSMUSTEND 🇳🇬🌍 (@Lawwizzy_) October 12, 2020

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@peepso_user_95(Mercy Anicho) God help us ooo abeg innocent people are going in for what they do not know
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