Massage to cha cha


blessing obed



Dear Sister Cha Cha,
You are Black not White. And for God sake, this is Africa, and not America, Asia or Europe.


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It is quite unfortunate that we do not know the real situation in your home. He who wears shoe knows where it pinches.

However, if you had a real African parent as a father, he would ask you back immediately to your home. He would not let you sleep one night in his Obi.
An African parent can not stand and watch you walk away from your marriage like a coward.
He would tell you to stand and fight back to win your marriage.

He knows that marriage is not a toy object to be thrown about at will. It is a strong sacred bond connecting not just the couple but also the two families, and as such, needs to be kept, saved and taken seriously.
He would let you know that marriage is to be enjoyed when it is sweet; and courageously endured and patched when it is bitter, and that both are equally to be expected in it.
Indeed, we have lost it!
Things, have fallen apart, so Professor Achebe would say.

My sister, until now, you were one of the few actresses most people, especially me, revered for being able to steady her marriage. This surely will hit us, your fans like a missile. And personally, I take the heartbreaking news as the last straw that breaks the Carmel’s back, which now makes me to conclude that “shit is celebrity”

Well, my candid advise to you in this trying time is to please have a rethink.
Think about your fame, consider the reputation you have garnered for yourself. Think about those who have been trusting and believing in you, your million fans. And most importantly, THINK ABOUT YOUR BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN.

Don’t join the league of failed marriages and broken homes. Don’t quit your marriage to keep being famous. Don’t quit taking care of your children. But you can quit the celebrity business, and we would be prouder of you.
I pray your man readily takes the remorseful steps.

May God give you back your marriage.
Thank you

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@peepso_user_95(Mercy Anicho) Well spoken marriage is not a bed of rosary it has up and down
7 months ago 7 months ago
@peepso_user_2(chioma Johnson) yes, 100% right
7 months ago 7 months ago

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