New study shows people with big thighs more likely to live longer





– A new scientific study published in BMJ has revealed that pot-bellied people have a high risk of losing their lives


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– The study looked at the results of 72 other thorough findings involving over two million participants before it came to that conclusion

– It is all good news for those with big hips as fats around the thighs are less likely to put a person’s life in terminal danger.

A new study has revealed that people with big hips and thighs are more likely to live longer than people with fat around the abdomens.

The study was published in a medical journal called BMJ, saying that fatness stored around the abdomen increases the risk to die early, New York Post reports.

It added that taking note of central fatness could be a sure way to quickly know how healthy a person is and their likely terminal risk level.

The finding was based on the results of 72 other studies that had 2.5 million people between the ages of three and 24 years as participants.

In looking at the measures of fat in the body, it used yardsticks such as waist, hip, and thigh circumferences, and waist-to-hip, waist-to-height, and waist-to-thigh rations.

Of all the above the hip and thigh circumferences were found to be a “lower risk of all causes of mortality.

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