How To Earn With Sponsored Post


– Moshoto Media Network offers so many ways of earning on the website such as Earning through the sponsored post.

– Sponsored post enables you earn by sharing links and contents provided by sponsors on Moshoto Media into other social media networks such as Facebook, twitter, email and more.

– Sponsored post earning is available for both free and premium members of moshoto media network.


Start earning good money on without investment or initial capital.
Free registration and instant earning and withdrawal without registration fee and compulsory referrals.

– To earn through the sponsored post, you are required to have each of the accepted medias account and have atleast 10 – 500 friends or be a member of an group or fan page on facebook, twitter etc.

– As a member sharing our sponsored post, you are required to always include your affiliate referral link on the sponsored content before sharing.

– All sponsored content are verified once per week and any defaulters account will be deducted.

– Sponsored post are content provided by our advertising network or individuals|companies willing to showcase there products through Moshoto Media members on social media.

– Member must respond to any question or inquires from users willing to join moshoto media network through the sponsored post content.

– Any sponsored contents are required to be available on the shared page for atleast 7days for traffic reasons.

To Sponsore A Post.
1. Login to your account
2. Click on Commerce
3. Select Sponore Post
4. Click on any social media of your choice
5. Read the details of the sponsored post and proceed.
After post is being sponsored by you on your social media accounts, groups or page. You will receive your incentives instantly but all credits are verified every week by our team to avoid fraud and auto clicking.

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About the author: Moshoto Media Network is a social media networking platform that enables you make new friends and also earn from your contents and shares.

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