How Navigation Works (Section 3)


Good Day Everyone.

Am Mr. Bright and i will be using this opportunity to explain to you guys how platform and how the Navigation tabs works.

List Of Current Tabs:-
1. Home
2. Membership
3. Commerce
a. Earn per click
b. Earn per video view
c. Earn per blog post
i. Submit blog content
ii. My submitted content
4. Blog
5. Earnings.
6. User Profile


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On Section one (2) of this article, I explained the following navigation tabs

1. Blog
2. Earnings.

Read Sections (2) Here:  How Navigation Works (Section 2)

On this article, i will be explaining the PROFILE TABS & RELATED TABS.

  1. PROFILE TAB: Here is where you make all major changing to your registered details which include your name, email, date of birth, biography, interest and more. On the profile tab, you will be able to access all the attributes attached to your registered accounts such as the groups you are into, your created groups, your classified ads, your photos & media and your preferences. The profile tab is updated on monthly bases by the system if any update is implemented on our website, so therefore you are required to always check your profile weekly and make some updates if required my the system to be able to access full website functionalities. Note that your subscription plan is not included on your profile board and profile tab is available to both free and premium members of Moshoto Media Network base on your membership level.
  2. AFFILIATE TAB: Affiliate tab another profile on your registered account which shows all your subscriptions and earnings on your affiliate marketing services on Moshoto Media Network. On the affiliate tab you will be able to view your total referrals and your total earnings

Referrals are those who access our website and registered on it through your affiliate link, Not all referrals are productive, What this means is that not the total number of your referrals are being paid, we only pay you commission base on the referrals that upgraded to the premium membership and you earn commission base on the premium membership your referrals upgraded into.

Marketing tab: Here you will be able to copy your referral link and also create a custom link for your self and make use of our marketing materials such as banners and posters. You can also set up a campaigns to attract more referrals under your affiliate dashboard (NOTE: Who ever registers through your link will always remain under your line and you earn commission whenever he or she decides to upgrade to any package for life time).

You can view your payment  histories and reports on your affiliate dashboard

Withdrawal of affiliate earnings is done through the earning -> request withdrawal tab with minimum earning of $10 at the moment.

Who ever registers on moshoto media network automatically becomes an affiliate member and can decide to utilize the opportunity or not, It all depends on you.

I will stop here for today.



Mr. Bright.
Moshoto Social Rep.

About the author: Moshoto Media Network is a social media networking platform that enables you make new friends and also earn from your contents and shares.

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