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Good Day Everyone.

Am Mr. Bright and i will be using this opportunity to explain to you guys how platform and how the Navigation tabs works.

List Of Current Tabs:-
1. Home
2. Membership
3. Commerce
a. Earn per click
b. Earn per video view
c. Earn per blog post
i. Submit blog content
ii. My submitted content
4. Blog
5. Earnings.
6. User Profile


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Today i will be picking Three (3) out of the six (6) listed tabs and explain to everyone and another day i will explain others one after the other.

1. HOME TAB: Clicking on the home tab will take you back to the official front page of This is the front page of the website and is open to both free, premium and unregistered members.

2. MEMBERSHIP TAB: Simply means your membership dashboard, here you will be able to upgrade your membership, view your current membership, view membership profile, check your subscription expiration date, check your membership orders, view and download your membership card. Membership tab enables you manage all your membership details on and this tab is only available to free, premium and registered members.

3. COMMERCE TAB: As the name sound (commerce), here you will be able to control the way you earn incentives on All incentives earning on are added under the commerce tab and is only available to free, premium and registered members of the platform.

Under Commerce Tab you will be able to earn on the platform through paid to click, paid to watch videos, paid to post content, paid to play game, paid to share referral links (AFFILIATE SYSTEM) and also view all advert positions on
Commerce Tab is unlimited to drop-down tab, This means more features are included on the commerce tab and is based on your membership level and more methods of earning will be included on commerce tab in due time and will be visible to users or member with right to access them base on membership level.

Next time i will be explaining other tabs.
Have a nice day

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@peepso_user_21(Prince Ogbenna) Thank you for this explanation. This will help us understand how the platform works.
8 months ago 8 months ago

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