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Moshoto.com is an online open social media platform offering free and premium members services to members and also offering user commercial services to both free and premium members.

On Moshoto.com you dont only chat, post, comments and upload images and videos for free like other social media platforms, Here you offer the opportunity of getting paid for your services ranging from posting and uploading also daily bonuses for our premium members.

Moshoto.com is a new trending social media and networking platform that also offer users the ability to earn through affiliate services and more.


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Services offered here include;
1. Paid to post on our blog page
2. Paid to update your social community wall
3. Paid to comment on blogs and community wall (Not all Times)
4. Paid for logining into your moshoto account daily
5. Daily, Weekly and Monthly bonus give away to *premium members*
6. Paid to click on ads *Premium Members*
7. Paid to watch video ads *Premium Members*
8. Affiliate Membership Bonus *Premium Members*
9. Ads placement by sponsors
10. Earning by playing Games
And More Services Offered Here

Registration on Moshoto.com is free for life and premium memberships are of different duration and you can make your choice at anytime and cancel your membership (t&c Apply).

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Moshoto.com is a social media networking platform that enables you make new friends and also earn from your contents and shares.

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